REVO01REVO is a design concept to operate in the agricultural sector with the aim of collecting, transporting and organic management of animal waste.
The vehicle was designed in a medium-sized structure so that it is practical in the town by tractors or pickup. REVO combines the factors of an autonomous machine, easy and proper use for the operator, high performance of tasks and vision for a sustainable farm.REVO03The idealized concept allows the collection of organic waste for future production of biogas and biofertilizers. This concept is intended for agricultural producers who want to make energy recovery of waste generated by the animals. The collection task is accomplished by an aspiration system for a tank, added in the vehicle. The benefits of this aspiration system are to facilitate the collection of waste for operators and to reduce the physical effort of the operator.REVO02REVO04REVO05

Designed with Ana Simões, Patrick Silva and Pedro Viana.