The certainty that all situations occurring in life suggest a desire to escape the present and reality. Here is represented the importance of a sneaker that goes beyond its own function, color and matter. This expresses the simple combination of tones that can invoke release for different styles, the 80's, the cosmic trend, the Japanese manga and … Continue reading NAYARAQ



The Headen concept proposes an alternative experience to minimize momentary headaches. The objective of this product is to provide fast relief of pain, release from the gel and an aromatic with gentle vibration to massage pain points on the head. The development process was oriented to think of alternatives that could minimize the problem of a headache. … Continue reading HEADEN


REVO is a design concept to operate in the agricultural sector with the aim of collecting, transporting and organic management of animal waste. The vehicle was designed in a medium-sized structure so that it is practical in the town by tractors or pickup. REVO combines the factors of an autonomous machine, easy and proper use … Continue reading REVO